Our new website now offers a secure checkout page, we accept credit and debit cards along with Paypal. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime on the website or facebook if you have any questions about your orders. We typically need 1-3 weeks to process orders, but we are doing our best to improve lead time.

We appreciate everyone’s patient and kind words when you do reach out to us. If you have a deadline or an event you want to order for, just let us know. We will do everything we can to get your order out on time!!

Sorry we are late updating our MOAB Champion page, but its been updated. If you have a MOAB video you want us to post, please send us a message, we want to see your video.

First Place: LA Beast – 2 min-11sec
Second Place: Joshuia Smith – 2 min-20sec
Third Place: Make It Wayne – 2min-30sec
Fourth Place: Just Plain Cody – 3min-20sec
Fifth Place: The Nuff – 3min-38sec

Awesome job to everyone who tries this insanely hot bar, you guys rock!!!

** Even if you aren’t successful finishing the MOAB, we still want to see your videos, send us the links 🙂

So there has been some recent incidents where the MOAB challenge has been attempted with altered product.  While this was supposed to just be for fun and about some bragging rights, people are turning it into a drama filled argument.  So, to clarify, this is about FUN, and the chocolate must be eaten unaltered (ie. not melted, not as soup, not as a milkshake etc). It must be a fully intact un-melted chocolate bar.

** Willy Pete’s Chocolate also has every right to deny a “winner” if the challenge was not fairly done.

So lets all have some fun and leave the drama out~

We are very excited to announce that we will be a vendor at our first fair, the Harwinton Fair, right here in Connecticut.  Please stop by and visit our booth Friday – Sunday | October 5, 6, & 7th.  We look forward to meeting some of our customers!