That’s right, we now have coffee mugs available. Check out our Merchandise page for coffee mugs, shirts, hats, stickers etc.

I survived the MOAB coffee mug
I survived the MOAB coffee mug
Willy Petes Chocolate Coffee Mug
Willy Petes Chocolate Coffee Mug
Willy Petes Chocolate TShirt
Willy Petes Chocolate TShirt

USPS guarantees Christmas deliveries if shipped by 12/20. Any orders placed on or before 12/20 will be shipped by 3pm ON 12/20.

We will do our best to be sure you get your orders on time. Merry Christmas !

The #CallForBackup Suicide Awareness and Prevention Campaign is built upon the principle that peers are best suited to help one another. The stigma of seeking help for stress-related issues, and departments’ seeming lack of support, have caused many first responders to continue to suffer needlessly.

Our unique training program helps first responders understand how the stresses of the job impact them mentally, emotionally, physically, behaviorally, and spiritually, and also helps them see how certain skills can make them more resistant to stress and more resilient when. Major stressful event occurs. Most importantly, we teach them how important it is to look out for one another- to be the backup when someone needs it, and to call for backup for themselves when necessary.

David R. Edwards, President and COO

This is a bar for everyone! Call for backup is made with our creamy and smooth Milk Chocolate. $1.00 from every bar will be donated to the Call For Backup charity. Help Willy Pete’s Chocolate Company reach their goal of $5,000.00

I want to thank all my customers for a great 2018! I am looking forward to new flavors being announced in 2019. I’m hoping everyone has a happy and healthy 2019.

Bryan Chiarappi

While we are mainly an online store right now, you can also purchase our chocolates at:

Sorry we are late updating our MOAB Champion page, but its been updated. If you have a MOAB video you want us to post, please send us a message, we want to see your video.

First Place: LA Beast – 2 min-11sec
Second Place: Joshuia Smith – 2 min-20sec
Third Place: Make It Wayne – 2min-30sec
Fourth Place: Just Plain Cody – 3min-20sec
Fifth Place: The Nuff – 3min-38sec

Awesome job to everyone who tries this insanely hot bar, you guys rock!!!

** Even if you aren’t successful finishing the MOAB, we still want to see your videos, send us the links 🙂

We are very excited to announce that we will be a vendor at our first fair, the Harwinton Fair, right here in Connecticut.  Please stop by and visit our booth Friday – Sunday | October 5, 6, & 7th.  We look forward to meeting some of our customers!