Private Label

Product collaborations is just a part of what we can do. If your looking for corporate gifts, wedding favors, special event giveaways, fundraisers or another product for your business, we can help you.

We have done custom products and custom packaging for a number of companies. Below are some examples of our collaborations.

Please contact us anytime to discuss your ideas for a custom product.

If you don’t have a design ready, no problem, we have a designer on staff.

Phone: 860-618-8862

F.Y.E (for your entertainment) Godzilla Bar

We partnered with F.Y.E. retail stores to create the very spicy 8oz Godzilla Chocolate Bar. This bar can be found in their 200+ retail locations in the USA.

Godzilla Chocolate Bar

Fuego Box

We had the pleasure of creating all (3) versions of the Choco Challenge Bars for Fuego Box. Check out their website to order these wicked hot bars.

Cocoa Loco Challenge Bar
Choco Challenge 2.0 White Lightning
Choco Challenge 3.0 Crunch Of Doom
Choco Challenge 3.0 Crunch Of Doom

Puckerbutt Pepper Company Bars

We created these deliciously hot bars for the Puckerbutt Pepper Company. These bars are sold in their store and on their website. They come in hot or mild and in milk or dark chocolate.

The Ed Currie and Lina’s Level Up Chocolate Bars

Brian Ambs | Taco Game Time Chocolate Bars

We did a 4 Bars of Fantasticness. for Brian Ambs Taco Game Time. Each bar a unique flavor! You can buy them here Taco Game Time – It’s Chocolate (

Greenport Fire Chocolate Bar

Greenport Fire Chocolate Bar has Pop Rocks, Nerds & Habanero Pepper. We teamed up with them to create this unique chocolate bar. You can find them on their website

Hot, Pop & Chocolate Bar

Shack A Sauce Challenge Bar

These 8oz Bars are sold by Shack A Sauce, you can purchase these spicy, delicious bars on their website

Scorpion Sting Challenge Bar

Hot Dang Show

We partnered with Roger to create his Bites for the Hot Dang Show. If you’ve seen Roger’s show, you know he loves HOT HOT HOT food. These Bites will not disappoint.


Humanizing The Badge Charity Foundation

We created this bar as a fundraiser for our local police department. With each bar sold, we donated a portion of the sales to the PD.

Call For Backup
Call For Backup

Veteran’s Strong Community Center Fundraiser Chocolate Bar

We had the honor of partnering with Veteran’s Strong Community Center to create these chocolate bars as a fundraiser for Veterans. It’s such an amazing cause!

Veteran’s Strong Community Center Fundraiser Chocolate Bar

Uncle Carney’s Bootleg

Raspberry Jam Bar