Due to the overwhelming amount of people attempting our Challenge Bars around the world, we ask that you submit your videos and times to the League of Fire.

League of Fire is now tracking the times for everyone worldwide. Click below for entry forms and to view their stats.

MOAB Challenge Submission Form 
MOAB Challenge League Table

Johnny Scoville’s Chili Cherry Nightmare Challenge Submission Form
Johnny Scoville’s Chili Cherry Nightmare Challenge League Table

NEMESIS Bar Challenge Submission Form
The NEMESIS Bar Challenge League Table

Private Label Collaboration

Willy Pete’s Chocolates has joined up with a number of other well-known spicy companies on collaboration products.  All submissions for the challenge videos can be submitted through League of Fire.

Hot Dang Show’s BITES Challenge Submission Form
Hot Dang Show BITES Challenge League Table

Buy Hot Dang Show’s BITES here.

Fuego Box Choco Challenge 2.0 – White Lightning Submission Form
Fuego Box Choco Challenge 2.0 White Lightning League Table

Buy Fuego Box Choco Challenge 2.0 here.

All of our spicy chocolates comes with a disclaimer, read below.

Spicy Chocolate Disclaimer
Due to the EXTREME nature of these products, please read the following disclaimer, and by my purchasing of this product, have acknowledged and are in agreement with the following disclaimer.
This disclaimer applies to all products sold by Willy Pete’s Chocolate Co. I agree, as indicated by my eating of this product, as follows in connection with my purchase of this product:
I have been warned and fully understand that these products contain extreme heat and should be used and handled responsibly
These products are to be used entirely at my own risk and I understand the potential danger if used or handled irresponsibly
If I give any of these products as a gift I will make the recipient aware of the potential danger if used or handled irresponsibly
I accept that Willy Pete’s Chocolate Co, their suppliers and manufacturers will, under no circumstances, be responsible for, or liable for, any claims of injury or damage arising from the use or misuse of these products and by purchasing these products, whether for myself or as a gift. I acknowledge and agree to this fact without question
I am not inebriated or of unsound mind and am fully able to make a rational decision to purchase these products